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HaSoTec 4-channel stepper motor controller SM-41, product information
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...compatible with SM-40 controller
...now bipolar stepper motors are supported
System requirements
The stepper motor controller SM-41 has 4 channels for connecting bipolar or unipolar stepping motors. The power supply for the stepping motors can be switched between internal 12V of the PC or an external supply with up to 30 Volts. If the PC-internal power supply has the required power for the motors, all the controller needs is a PCI slot.
Integrated subprocessor
The stepper motor controller has its own CPU to control all required motions and to communicate over a bidirectional port-interface.
Programming Examples
Examples for Microsoft C, Borland Delphi and Visual Basic compilers to run under MS-Windows XP/2000/NT or 9x, a Dos-example and a Labview (V3.03 or later) example are part of the supplied software.
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