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Frame Grabber FG-37 ExpressCard
Video Capture Card for Notebooks with ExpressCard Slot
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HaSoTec ExpressCard Frame Grabber FG-37
Frame Grabber for real-time image processing
Frame Grabber FG-37 has the extended functionality of FG-33 with a 10-Bit-signal processing path. Worldwide video decoding standards can be used on up to 8 composite-,up to 4 S-Video- and up to 2 YCrCb-signals with integrated anti-alias filtering. The low noise 10 -bit ADCs for all analog inputs supports a lot new additional formats, such as 480i YPrPb, 480p YPrPb, 576i YPrPb, 576p YPrPb, 1080i YPrPb, RGB packed, YCrCb packed, 10 bit packed and YCrCbYUY2. FG-37 has since 2005 several refinements. 50Hz support is possible with unscaled 576x720 up to unscaled 576x768 square pixels. New features are introduced: a ITU-R BT.656 input port, a built-in video signal generator with text overlay, framecounter and status display, a high quality multi-tap horizontal and vertical image scaler for example.
ExpressCards directly connected to the PCI-Express-Bus
Modern ExpressCard Slots allow transfer rates above 200MByte/s without CPU load. Such transfer rates with a low latency are helpful for real-time image processing. The low CPU load brings enough bandwidth for Mpeg4 or H264 encoders even on low power fanless systems. USB or FireWire interfaces have very limited transfer rates with a high CPU load. Because of the low bandwidth Firewire or USB solutions send most often compressed data and produce already for a live vieo display a lot of CPU load to decompress image data.
FG-37 heute
Todays 30-pole connector allows exchangeable cables between FG-37, AD-37 and HC-37. An 8-channel-video + 4-channel A/D + 6xLVDS I/O cable is possible as well as 1xCameraLink and 4xVideo, for example.
2005:worldwide first frame-grabber-expresscard introduced by HaSoTec
Mai 2005:HaSoTec intro-
duces the Express--
Card Frame Grabber, at
this time with the 15-pole FG-33-Berg connector
It is possible without external plastic box...
It is possible without external plastic box. A well designed cable does not limit the use of neighboring slots and gives less mechanical stress to the card.

...at least a bad solution for 26-pole CameraLink cables
software details  Software details
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