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Low- Profile- PCI Framegrabber FG-35
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Advantages of the 3x product line  Advantages of the 3x product line
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HaSoTec Low- Profile- PCI Framegrabber FG-35
Low- Profile- PCI Standard is known since PCI specification 2.2. It defines and describes half- height PCI boards using 3,3 Volt technology. This makes small sized systems possible with limited height. A typical system contains power supllies and disk drives in the monitor holder. A TFT-flat screen display has mounted on its back side a micro-ATX mainboard and the VGA to TFT- controller.
Frame Grabber FG-35 has the   complete functionality of FG-34 and additional customer defined electronics. A 44-pol SUB-D-connector contains all FG-34 signals and pins for these add-ons.
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