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Dual Processor Boards, modules for medical equipment
...outsourcing of development tasks
...custom designed hardware & software
...FPGA flexibility
...link between CPUs
...user interface for Windows & Linux platforms
...BIOS with functionality for medical products
...real time interrupt system
Dual processor Dp20
Dual processor systems
Development and production of medical equipment requires additional effort, e.g. because of the strict medical product laws. It is required to have at least twice security for all parts that contain risks of critical malfunction. To test this, e.g. a single error must cause at least such a reaction of hardware and software that the units do not enter into a critical state. Moreover this is difficult, when a hardware is realized using a processor with software. A single software bug can bring a processor into an undefined state. Therefore medical equipment most often uses a Dual- CPU structure, where the most important sensors and actors have two channels. A second processor runs a control program that checks all activities of the equipment. The second processor can bring the equipment into a secure state in case of malfunction of the first processor.
Custom designed solutions
HaSoTec offers the custom design of such hardware and software. Our customers can participate on our long term experience in this field. It makes sense to outsource even this part of a development to HaSoTec, because it reduces your costs and your development time.
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