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Frame Grabber HC-33-II CardBus Camera Link Frame Grabber
CameraLink Interface for Notebooks with CardBus Slots
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PCMCIA CameraLink HC-33-II CardBus Frame Grabber
HC-33-II is a new CardBus CameraLink card. It is designed to use the enhanced features of the 32-bit-PCMCIA PC-Card standard. Busmastering technology in conjunction with new memory technologies allows highest transfer rates. Image data is transferred on modern notebooks with rates that exceed 100 MBytes/s. HC-33-II has two flat 15-pole-connectors on its front side with flexible cables connected to a standard CameraLink 26-pole-MDR connector. This avoids the disadvantage of a plastic box card extension outside the cards slot that needs to be connected to a relatively stiff 26-pole CameraLink cable. HC-33ís flexible cable is easy mountable onto panels and has two color-marked connectors to be connected to HC-33. Other cable options can be realized on request.
HC-33-II works without double buffering and uses real dual-port memory. For real-time applications double buffering is not acceptable due to its additional delays. HC-33 allows to take the image data immediately during the record. Data can (but must not) be analyzed without lowest possible latency.
HC-33-II is the enhanced version of HC-33. HC-33-II uses the newest 6ns dual-port memory technology and FPGAs for a maximum clock rate to use the CameraLink standard up to its speed limits. This allows to use the next generation of CameraLink cameras, where the CameraLink Base configuration with a higher clock frequency is preferred instead of more parallel data lines like defined in Medium or Full CameraLink configuration.
Interface USB 2.0 FireWire Gigabit Lan past PCMCIA
Cardbus solutions
(2) e.g. HC-33
Transfer rate 25 MByte/s 25 Mbyte/s 36 Mbyte/s 60...110 MByte/s 60...116 MByte/s
Live image at
6 fps 7 fps 10 fps 14...25 fps 14...25 fps
RAM technology no no no DRAM 20ns FRAM 6ns
Full CameraLink
clock frequency
no no no no yes
trigger signals
0 0 0 1 3
real-time analysis e.g.
onject analysis with
motion analysis HMA-300
no no no 14 fps >100 fps
real-time API no no no in parts yes
The E4 real-time Option allows to analyze object data in hardware. Feature extraction with more than 100 frames/s is possible.
HC-33-II realizes the 26-pole basic CameraLink interface. Multiple cards can be used if more than one slot is available.
The supplied software allows the definition of files for the camera configuration. For an increasing number of cameras these files are available, please feel free to contact us for additional help.

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