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FG-33-II CardBus Framegrabber
Connect video signals directly to your Notebook
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Das Erfolgskonzept der Framegrabber Serie 3x  Das Erfolgskonzept der Framegrabber Serie 3x
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Cebit 2001  FG-33 at Cebit 2001
Cebit 2003  FG-33-II at Cebit 2003
HaSoTec CardBus Framegrabber FG-33-II captures and displays full TV-frame rate at highest resolution
PAL/Secam/50Hz-grey: 768x576 Pixel 25fps, NTSC/60Hz-grey: 640x480 Pixel 30fps
...and your Notebook is no more limited to USB or 1394 devices
...6 video channels to connect directly cameras, video recorder, ultrasound equipment & any other video signal
Notebook requirements
A CardBus slot is required to use the frame grabber FG-33-II or FG-33. A CardBus-controller is a PCMCIA-controller, that has an additional 32-bit-access mode. In this mode a CardBus controller is significantly faster and the functionality of a CardBus slot is comparable to a PCI- Bus slot. Almost all modern Notebooks can use the CardBusMaster-Mode. When FG-33-II is applied it can capture and display the full frame rate up to the highest resolution and up to true-color pixel depth. Operating systems or system manufacturers must provide high quality device drivers to operate in CardBus mode. FG-30-II, a 16-bit-PCMCIA version is still available for systems without CardBus support. Ordering a HaSoTec CardBus frame grabber FG-33 the user has for six weeks the possibility to "downgrade" this card to a FG-30-II PCMCIA version. This card should run on all systems, but has a slower live video display due to the lack of the fast 32-Bit-Mode.
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