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HaSoTec CellView HCV-200
Microscope for simultaneous time-lapse records
for periodical screening of cell cultures
CellView CellView CellView
Components of the HaSoTec CellView system:
  • Microscope Nikon E200 with integrated box for 37°Celsius climate and fluorescense illumination (reflected light).
  • Temperature controller, optional incl. controller for transmitted light and shutter control for fluorescense illumination
  • Cooled digital camera with high sensibility for low levels of light 1300x1024 Pixel 12 bit, optional 3x12 bit
  • HaSoTec Four-channel Stepper Motor Control SM-41
  • Precision X-Y scanning stage, which is directly controlled by HaSoTec SM-41
  • Focus motor control for HaSoTec SM-41
  • PC > 3.066 GHz 80 GByte, optional 600 GByte hard disk capacity
  • CellView Software
  • Interface for digital camera, optional with a RGB wheel controller
  • Optional filter wheel with three dichroic filters (99% transparent for each of the red, green and blue channels)
  • Optional Shutter for fluorescense illumination
  • Optional Software for achieving online- and offline statistics of the film sequences of CellView
  • Optional CellBase Software for storing film series in a database with optional DVD-RAM Jukebox
Features of the HaSoTec CellView system:
  • System learns an unlimited number of X,Y,Z- positions of the current sample
  • For every position a time-lapse video sequence is stored on hard disk
  • For every position the duration of fluorescense illumniation and intensity of transmitted light can be defined
  • For every position during the measurement a video sequence is accessible through a TCP/IP network (e.g. Internet)
  • Sample temperature is stablized to 37°Celsius
CellView CellView CellView
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